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Frank Swannell in camp

Frank Swannell in tent, Bedaux Expedition, 1934. Photo: Floyd Crosby, Library Archives Canada


During the Depression, Swannell went wherever government surveying was available. In the 1930s he completed a vital triangulation network across the northern part of BC; served as geographer for the Bedaux Expedition, a unique adventure in BC history; took part in the important PGE Resources Survey; and worked on the first surveys for the Alaska Highway.


In 1936 Swannell completed a major survey in the Big Bend area of the Columbia River for construction of a new highway. In 1937 and 1938 he worked on southern Vancouver Island.



Citroen trucks on the Bedaux Expedition

Citroen half-tracks for the Bedaux Expedition, 1934. Photo: Library Archives Canada